‚ÄčThank you for your interest in Realbotix. We are currently in development of a number of exciting projects and products designed to integrate emerging technologies with high end silicone dolls. We believe that it has been proven with the advent of the world famous RealDoll that it is possible to develop an emotional connection to a life-like doll, and it is our  goal to take that connection to a higher level using user-customizable artificial intelligence to create unique personalities which can be interacted with using a robotic head system, as well as create a means of interacting with this personality from anywhere, using a mobile App; In addition we are planning to integrate the ability to interact with this A.I. in a virtual environment using VR headsets such as The Oculus Rift, coupled with tactile simulation utilizing soft silicone body components. It has been suggested that every new technology needs that "killer App", and we believe that one of the most obvious has been overlooked and/or avoided by the masses: Sex and intimacy. And while our products will be useful and entertaining in multiple other ways, we will not shy away from those aspects; Conversely, it is one of our primary goals to include them. 

Please be aware that the Realbotix project is in it's development stages. We do not have product to offer as of yet, and the first full prototypes will not be completed until 2016. We do not anticipate accepting orders or beginning production until 2017. We will post updates to the project here, so please bookmark this site if you are interested in our efforts.